A number of practitioners of Iranian culture, art and varesearch paper writer paper writersluable Islamic civilization with over 5 years of experience in the Netherlands have set up a foundation called the Iran-Europe for Education and Culture (S.I.E.E.C), which, according to its registered statute, covers all activities in the fields of culture and education, separated

One of Their most prestigious colleges in the United States Now have computer science and the engineering write my essays online Areas as Main academic Sections; like the College of California Berkeley, San Jose State University, California State University – Long Beach, California Polytechnic State University, California State University – Dominguez Hills, and the University of California, Los Angeles. Does the education provide breadth of awareness and also numerous career choices to pupils, but in addition supplies a good foundation transition into the labor marketplace and also beyond. Listed below are an inventory of a few of the computer science schools:

from political activities and entirely non-profit.

The founders, have held more than 50 courses, over the past years, for Iranian specialists in the Netherlands, France and Germany as well as managing the Pavilion of the Islamic Republic of Iran at international tourism fairs such as ITB Berlin -Germany, EMITT Istanbul – Turkey, VAKANTIEBEURS Utrecht and the Netherlands. On the other hand, this foundation are closely associated with educated Iranians living in European countries and are ready to cooperateresearch paper writer paper writers in following cases:

1- Organizing weekly and daily cultural and art joint events and events such as carpet, art, crafts and joint art exhibitions and events in the areas of painting, music, theater and cinema.

2- Holding joint training courses in European countries in the fields of humanities and technical sciences, urban planning, architecture and also medical sciences by providing all relevant services such as transfer, consulate and residence.

3- Providing and distribution of handicrafts in the European Union with a view to storing a substantial amount of genuine Iranian handicrafts exported to the Netherlands for online sale.

4- Legal services in the EU to deal with Iranian claims in the international arena.


Nen Institute
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